Benefits of having a travel SIM card for your next trip

1) Anyone can you use our SIM cards!

Are you a business traveller? A student? Love to take holidays? A backpacker? An adventurer? A short term or long term traveller? Or just curious?

It doesn't matter who you are and where in the world you wish to go, travSIM cards can be used by anybody!

2) Stay connected anywhere in the world! 

Just because you are travelling, doesn't mean you have to loose touch with people in your life. Stay connected in business, to your family, friends, to loved ones and to anyone you wish to.


SIM card for your holiday has many benefits

SIM card for your holiday has many benefits

3) Cuts high Roaming costs

Our SIM cards eliminate high roaming charges, high calling and data usage costs in a foreign country.


4) Any device you have that requires a SIM card works! 

What high tech device to you have? A mobile phone? Tablet? Laptop? UMTS stick, .......Great! Then our SIM cards will work wonders in your gadget. 


5) Great options and deals!!

tavSIM offers a wide range of options and package deals to suit your every need. We offer depending on the country:

  • > National minutes
  • > National SMS 
  • > Some countries we offer UNLIMITED calls and SMS to all travSIM users in that country
  • > Fast mobile internet (data) some countries even unlimited data
  • > International calling minutes
  • > International SMS
  • > or normal Credit

And you can also customise what you need, by simply selecting the option you want!


6) It's really EASY

All you have to do is just order and pay online. You will get options on which packages and products you want and then you simply choose how you want to pay!


7) FREE delivery

We offer worry free shipment to you for FREE anywhere around the globe!


8) Receive Before You Go! 

This benefit is great and will put your mind at ease. The SIM will be delivered to you wherever you wish before you go! So when you land or get to your destination, you can just pop it in and use straight away! For almost all the countries you will get you NUMBER before you travel so you can tell everyone your number so they can call you.


Our travel SIM card help you to stay connected on your holiday or business trip

9) Which country are you travelling to?

travSIM offers a SIM card to the following non-European countries:

  • > South Africa
  • > Australia
  • > USA 

and for following European and EU destinations:

France (incl. Monaco)
French Guyana
United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands)   
Guadeloupe (Caribbean)
Italy (incl. Vatican City and San Marino)

Martinique (Caribbean)
Portugal (including Azores and Madeira)
Republic Slovenia
Spain (including the Canary Islands)

Click here to see all international SIM cards we offer for all travel destinations


We offer international SIM cards for all travel destinations. Travel the world and stay connected.

10) Get Discounts

travSIM offers a 5% discounts on Facebook. Like our page now and get the discount on Facebook


11) Travel anywhere with peace of mind ! 

No matter where we got a SIM card for you!

Our customer support is always available ans answers your questions quickly. Do you still have a questions then contact us right away here.