The best travel apps you should have on your smartphone for the next holiday

Our travSIM customer service team has researched and ask themselves what are the most important apps everyone should have on their smartphones when travelling to another country. We are in the information age and our smartphones need a data connection to be truly smart.

To get data is really not the issue as we offer cheap bundles for a lot of travel destinations. Once your smartphone has data you basically can use it almost like at home you can send message via Whats-App or call people via Skype, find a nice restaurant on trip advisor or google maps. Translate the menu with your Google translator app. One really can travel more relaxed and have a better experience with a smartphone in your pocket. So you really should get all the apps below and a data deal for your travel destination here.

Woman on the beach with her smartphone using apps and mobile internet in her holiday

Google Maps an app you should have on your smartphone for the next holiday

1) Google Maps - navigate and see what’s around you.

Well all the android users have that on their smartphone by default. However it really is must have app on a trip. It is not just a map it is a navigation app as well as an app to find a nice restaurant or a tourist attraction, bar and so on in your surrounding area. With ratings of other users and reviews you can easily determent if it will be a nice restaurant or not and never will get lost on your way there. It also gives you the telephone number of the hotel, restaurant or other business you looking for to simply call them up and make a reservation or booking. In a foreign country one really starts valuing this app. Don’t forget to get your data deal for your country of travel.

What's-App your friends and family or colleagues. Stay connected all you need it a data connection

2) What's-App Messenger - to Chat, send holiday pics and stay connected with the rest of the world

Simplest solution to stay connected around the globe. Connect, message, send pictures, videos and sound clips to friends, colleagues, family members or anyone that has the app. So for those of you that can’t miss out on the latest, this is the app for you. Connect anytime, anywhere in the world and it’s free! All you need is Wi-Fi or a 3G connection.

Skype is the easiest way to do make video calls in a foreign country - it is even possible with mobile internet

3) Skype - Voice calls and Video calls - simple

You no longer have to use your laptop or tablet for this app. It can be downloaded on your mobile phone and it comes with all the functions as on a laptop or tablet. Send instant messages or video call anyone you wish. There is nothing better than chatting to someone in real time anywhere in the world. Even with mobile internet you can Video call your loved once. All you need is a data connection and you can stay online where ever you are. Skype from the beach or while you do your sightseeing.

Google translator app helps you to communicate in a language you don’t even know. The must have app for your next holiday in a foreign country.

4) Google Translate – The best translator app - helps you communicate in foreign languages

– Best app that helps you translate text to better communicate in a different language. Receive translations and meanings by simply talking into your phone or by requesting text translations. Translates over 58 languages and you can listen to up to 25 and more are added.

The Flight Track App keeps you updated about your flight and all the infos you need

5) Flight Track Pro - What to expect at your destination. Get all the flight stats you need

Know what to expect when travelling to your next destination. This app keeps you up to date on international and local flight cancellations, delays, terminals, gate numbers and any other information regarding your flight.

TripIt - plan you holiday and manage it like a boss. Your app for your smartphone for the next holiday

6) TripIt - Plan your trip and manage it like a boss

It’s the perfect app that helps correlate your traveling itinerary and schedule. Simply allow it to access your inbox and it will do the rest. The more information on your trip that is sent to your inbox, the more it helps you simplify and plan your trip. Perfect for frequent travellers and those needing extra help planning trips.

Trip Advisor App for recommendations and review for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions

7)Trip Advisor – Get recommendations and review for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions

Want recommendations, ratings, reviews on hotels, restaurants, points of interest and anything else that sparks your fancy? This one stop app provides you with all the info and details you want to know regarding your trip. You can even make reservations to restaurants on this app as well. A well informed traveller is a happier traveller.

Currency Exchange app for your holiday - all the currencies and rates on your display

8)XE Currency Exchange - all the currencies and rates on your display

This currency converter app is free and assists you by using live currency rates. Complete accuracy and easy to use. Stay up to date with the globes ever changing exchange rates. No need to ask “I wonder how much that is?” anymore.

aMetro helps you find your way though all major cities. The app for a holiday or trip to a big city use the metro like a local

9) aMetro – Important app for your holiday in a major city

An app that allows you to get to your destination the quickest using the metro. Whether you are in New York or in London, this app gives you the best option for getting to your destination point. Just type in destination and it will give you all the info you need (etc., schedule, departing times, gates, platforms etc.).

Airbnb easy way to find an accommodation in a foreign country. Gives you the a fun holiday experience

10) Airbnb - easy and fast way to find an accommodation

Need somewhere to crash for the night? This app gives you access to the most affordable accommodation in your area. Perfect for backpackers or travellers on a budget. No need to pay for 5 star accommodation when you can find better rates with this app.

The Help App - gives you the correct emergency numbers for the country you are travelling. Stay save on your holiday

11)Help-App - all the emergency number for your travel destination on your smartphone

Often times we don’t think anything bad is going to happen to us when we travel, but it’s always good to be on the safe side. This app gives your local emergency numbers such as closest hospital, ambulance, police and fire department.



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