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SIM card for the USA (AT&T)

Delivery Time
2 - 5 working days in the EU and 3 - 10 working days worldwide
  • no roaming in the USA
  • will receive a local US number
  • complete cost control, no hidden fees or charges (Prepaid SIM)
  • Before purchasing, please make sure that your end device (smartphone, router) can cover the frequencies used by the network providers AT&T or h2o in the USA.
  • fast mobile internet / data (up to 4G speed)
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Network Coverage Map for AT&T Network

AT&T offers the best coverage regarding the total area surface in the United States. Even in rural areas, where other signals do not reach, the AT&T network is present. The total 4G/LTE coverage by the provider in the US is 66 percent, and 82 percent is covered by 3G/UMTS network. Therefore, a SIM accessing the AT&T network is the right choice if you want to stay connected with your family, friends or work while staying in the middle Western side of the US, or the rural states like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Utah. The advantage of good coverage also applies to virtual network providers like h2o, also utilizing the AT&T network.

With this SIM card, we offer you one for the AT&T network in the United States. The activation is being processed by us. You just have to inform us about the date when you need the SIM to be activated. You can choose between SIM cards by h2o and AT&T. The travSIM GmbH is only the facilitator, but the service is performed by the network provider h2o (Locus Telecommunications Limited Liability Company).

Technical Requirements:

You need a tri- or quad band device (GSM 1900 / GSM 850) without SIM-lock. For UMTS, use a device with UMTS 1900 / UMTS 850 function. This is the case for most phones from Germany/Europe. Please check whether your phone meets the demands before you order. The frequencies for LTE are 700 / 1900 / 2100 / 2300 MHz. Otherwise, the usage of HSPA+ is possible. Depending on your device you can reach the highest limit of LTE - speed. Attention: Often problems occurred with dual-SIM-cell phones. The SIM either has not been recognized or worked erroneous. We advise against using dual-SIM-phones with American SIM cards to avoid stress and unnecessary charges.

In case you would like to use a smartphone by Huawei, please ensure, that your device covers the respective frequencies.

Advantages in comparison h2o and AT&T

  h2o AT&T
data 5 or 10 GB 22 GB
Speed upto 4G/LTE upto 4G/LTE
Tethering allowed no no
with int. calls yes no
Duration 30 or 60 days 10 - 60 days
Price from 39,95 € from 29,95


h2o options for the USA                                       

Allnet Flat 1 Allnet Flat 2 Allnet Flat 3 Allnet Flat 4
Data 5 GB 2 x 5 GB 10 GB 2 x 10 GB
Speed upto 4G/LTE
Calls Flat to the first 10 landlines in 50 countries
Duration 30 days 60 days 30 days 60 days
Price 39,95 € 49,95 € 54,95 € 69,95 €


List of countries for international calls:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, France, Greece, Guam, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary, Venezuela, inclusive mobile numbers

AT&T options for the USA

Allnet Flat 1 Allnet Flat 2 Allnet Flat 3 Allnet Flat 4 Allnet Flat 5 Allnet Flat 6
Data 22 GB
Speed up to 4G/LTE
Additional information can also be used in Canada and Mexico
Duration 10 days 15 days 21 days 30 days 45 days 60 days
Price in € 29,95 39,95 59,95 79,95 99,95 119,95


All AT&T options can be used in Canada (Rogers) and Mexico (Telcel). Further components of all options are a US-Allnet-Flat, an SMS flat to 100 countries (D, A & CH) and a flat rate for calls to Canada and Mexico. This flat can also be used in Canada or Mexico for national calls within these countries, as for calls to Canada and Mexico, or the United States.

Please consider: AT&T can reduce data speed temporary due to network overload. Then, video streaming is reduced to 1.5 MB/s in standard definition quality (appr. 480p). Check for details about the standard guidelines on AT&T-network management. Mobile hotspot usage is prohibited.

travSIM has no influence on the network quality and can therefore not guarantee for it.

More Information
Country of Manufacture
Aktivierung Yes, We activate the SIM card for you the day before your departure date
Can be used in sim locked devices? No
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet
Contract No
Network Provider AT&T
Network type 2G / GPRS, 3G / UMTS, 4G / LTE
SIM Format 3 in 1 (Mini, Mciro & Nano)
Tethering allowed not enabled
SIM Karte hat eigene Rufnummer SIM card has an US phone number
Please choose one of the following options 6 GB for 10 days and 20 destination
Delivery time 2 - 5 working days in the EU and 3 - 10 working days worldwide
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