SIM card typs - Standard, Mirco and Nano - We got them !

Alle SIM Karten Größen und Typen (Standard, Micro und Nano) SIM für Ihr Geräte



Should you still not be sure which SIM card type your phone or device needs then you can try to compare based on the SIM you are currently using or otherwise you can of course always contact our customer service team here. We will assist you and tell you exactly which kind your device needs. Please ensure that you give us the exact name and model of your device.

What is the Standard SIM?

The Standard SIM is the biggest SIM type for all modern devices. This type is still very common. Most normal phones still use this SIM size as well as a lot of older phones. Example of phones which use the Standard SIM is Samsung Galaxy ACE, Samsung Galaxy Note n7000, Samsung Galaxy S1 & S2 and many other.

What is the Micro SIM?

The Micro SIM is currently the most common SIM in Smartphone and tablets. It has often the same chip as the Standard SIM but less plastic around the actual golden chip. When you order at travSIM you can just simply check your device and current SIM if it there is plastic around the golden chip. That means it’s either a Standard or Micro SIM.

What is the Standard and Micro Duo SIM ?

At travSIM we always have a Standard and Micro SIM Dou SIM, this is a combination of a Standard and Micro SIM. As we offer Duo SIMs you can get one SIM for both kinds.

What is the Nano SIM ?

The Nano SIM is the smallest of the SIM types currently only used in a few devices such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad Mini as well as the Moto X and ASUS PadFone Infinity. This SIM card has only the chip and almost no surrounding plastic.