People getting use to using their smartphone constantly during a normal day. Stay online throughout the whole day and get instant messages emails and have many apps that use the data connection. But can you do that also in a foreign country? Well your data plan or Flat rates or free minutes of your local network provider certainly do not apply outside your home country. If you think using data or calling with your normal SIM card while being in another country won’t be so expensive than you are very wrong. Prices as high as $15 for a single MB of data can be charged by your normal network provider as you pay roaming prices not your local prices. That of course differs a lot between the network provider and countries. But certainly it’s never a good idea to just use your normal SIM card from home. Some SIM cards won’t even work at all in another country. Here you will find a travel SIM card for your country of destination


travSIM was founded to offer a solution for all the travellers from all over the globe who want to stay connected in country they travel to or moving to. Not just that but offer the cheapest tariffs rates in the country of destination. So you can surf, chat and call just the way you do it at home. Special data usage becomes increasingly important as almost all apps on a smartphone require a data connection to ensure all features work. We also understand that different people have different usage requirements or budgets, therefore we made the SIM cards as configurable as possible. You can choose different options of calling time and SMS bundles both local and international then you can add data or just choose data or simply normal credit. So that from a student and youngster to an older person or a business man can all get exactly what they require. We ship the SIM cards global for free so that you can simply order and receive the SIM card before you travel. This way you will know the number in advance and can communicate it to friends, family and colleagues. We also offer special offers for families and travel groups of all kinds to give big discounts for the second and all further SIM cards you order so that the whole family or group can stay connected in the country of travel. You are able to order different options for different people. But even if you just get the SIM card by itself you will be able be reachable. In a few selected countries (list of applicable counties) we even offer free service that allows you to call all other travSIM users in that country for free. So you will be able to call each other in the country of travel completely free. That’s right free.

And it comes better we also offer special SIM cards in following countries (list of applicable countries) that allows you to hand out local SIM cards to friends and family or colleagues to call you for FREE in the country of travel which also has to be one of those countries in the list above. So lots of free special.

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