A global solution?

We offer a wide range of global SIM cards

We have an impressive range of different SIM cards for most countries in the world. To be able to offer the best possible deals to our customers, we also offer SIM cards from different networks and partner networks. If you are not sure what the best solution is for you then please feel free to call one of our customer service centres, where one of our agents will gladly assist you.

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Our SIM cards are...

One size fits all – for all kinds of devices

We generally only offer the triple cut/three-in-one SIM cards. What that means is that they come in mini/standard, micro, and nano sizes. This option is perfect for all mobile devices, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets; as well as laptops, UMTS sticks, and mobile Wi-Fi. The installation process is very simple.

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We understand that...

Service is important

We offer support telephonically for all customers, or, you can simply send us an email – whatever is more convenient for you. It is our pleasure to be able to advise you on which products are best suited for you before you purchase them, or to answer any other questions that you may have.

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Use your apps while travelling

We love our smartphones because of all the great apps that we use daily. Why not ensure that you stay online while you travel the world? Purchase a travel SIM and stay connected with the people that are important to you through your favourite forms of social media.

Mobile internet worldwide

Going to London, Sydney, Hong Kong or New York? We can keep you connected on your travels, no matter where you are off to next.

Low prices and complete cost control through prepaid SIMs

A prepaid travel SIM provides you with the ultimate solution to staying connected abroad. Think constant connectivity, stress-free; with complete cost control. 

Cheapest tariffs possible thru local rates. Data bundles & very affordable international calling rates. Complete customizable option for your needs and requirements

Build connections and don’t let borders stop you

We offer extremely customizable solutions and SIM cards with options for 150+ countries

Our best-selling international SIM cards

American SIM cards and the best deals for USA SIMs

  1. SIM card for the USA (AT&T) AT&T Network
  2. SIM Card for the USA (T-Mobile network) Best Value for Money

European SIM cards for your next European trip

More features than you could wish for

At travSIM we believe we should offer a wide range of different products and solutions, as not everyone is the same. By having such a broad selection, we believe that we have the perfect deal for each customer’s specific needs.

The range of different offers may be overwhelming at times. Therefore, we have a great multilingual customer service team that will gladly assist you with choosing the right product best suited to your needs.

We offer great deals for business or private travellers worldwide, along with special offers for the more popular travel destinations. For customers that require a cross-border solution that keeps them connected as they travel throughout different countries, we have SIMs that are designed to reconnect seamlessly.

Great multilingual customer service

We understand that serving our customers is key. We offer those services in English, German and French via call centres or support tickets.

If you need help deciding which SIM is best for your next trip, or if you have more complex requirements, then we can help you to get what you need.

If you have difficulties connecting or need help with the settings of the SIM, our team will gladly help you get back online in no time.

Travel SIM card and Private Customer support

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Business and Corporate Customer support

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Affiliates and Partner Programs

Resellers, distributors or business customers that need a solution for either their business or customers are welcome to contact us to discuss all the various business opportunities.

Are you a travel blogger or content writer within the travel industry? You should consider contacting us about our partner program. Your readers will surely be interested in staying connected during their travels!

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Did you know? We offer great group deals. Share and save!

We give great discounts for groups from as little as three people. Simply follow the link below, add three or more SIM cards to your shopping cart, add the discount code, and save! You will receive a discount of 5% for small groups, and a discount of up to 15% for groups of 10 and more.

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